"Our journey begins here"

It warms my heart to photograph some of the happiest moments a couple, family and friends share. 


How do I book you?

If you happy with my work you've seen, please go to my contact page and complete the form below or drop me a mail at info@waynesylvester.co.za. I will be in touch soon.

Do you work with an assistant?

Yes I do. I have an assistant with me on all weddings. They will be helping me with camera equipment, lighting and many other little jobs during your wedding day. My assistant is not a second shooter, but if you require one it can be arranged before hand.

Do you travel for wedding?

Yes I do. I love shooting at different venues locally and abroad. Please contact me for destination wedding.

What is the best time to do our couple shoot?

Great question. Early morning and late afternoon works best for beautiful light. I prefer late afternoon around golden hour. Try www.timeanddate.com to find out when sunset will be on your wedding day.

Do you only shoot weddings?

No I also enjoy portraits and lifestyle shoots, and also include corporate events.

How would you describe your photography style?

I love telling stories of genuine connections and raw emotions, turning ordinary moments into timeless memories with a touch of simplicity. Specializing in weddings and lifestyle, my style blends candid shots with a photojournalistic approach, capturing the authentic essence of love and life in every frame.

Wedding packages start at R15 000

Ready to begin?

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